About Us

Proudly a Singapore home brand.

Emma and Elle is the brainchild of a mother whom just like all parents out there, is in constant search for the best things for her baby. While looking for an elegant, versatile and safe mat, Emma+Elle was naturally born with all the factors in mind and more!

Beautifully designed in a small studio in Singapore, our play mats are not just made for the little ones but for entire families to enjoy, fur babies included. The modern prints would fit in any space in your home, possibilities are endless. Who says play mats are only for little ones, Emma and Elle mats are suitable for age from 0 to 99.

Other points to add:

  • Most designs grow out when kids grow up. Whilst looking for more versatile and modern designs, thought of doing it myself came up. I wish to come out with new and seasonal designs every now and then.
  • Replacement for carpet which is not waterproof and difficult to wash. I had this issue of my dog who pees on carpet and after a few times I had to throw away a perfectly good carpet. Carpet is also not suitable for Singapore’s humid and hot weather.
  • Husband likes to lie on the mat instead of sofa. Since it has a much larger area and he c0uld also snack on it. Not sticky when one sweats and comfy enough for a nap.
  • While fulfilling our own need, we hope this would benefit more families out there.

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